Mountain Floral

Has a jewelry box in the center of the headboard. The Mountain Floral headboard offers a distinctive difference. The door glass and mirror have an acid washed design with gold border ink. The floral pattern has peach ink n the leaf pattern has green ink..and roomy storage cabinets . with Solid Pine Construction , All Beds Available In Honey Oak Or Medium Walnut Finishes High Resolution Portrait Mirrors Tongue & Groove Panels Sculpted Pillars & Tops Available in both Medium Walnut & Honey Pine finishes... Mountain Floral Free Freight to your location...see conditions. Note: Prices do not include, mattress, liner or heater... You have a choice of selecting a Harside Water Mattress.....use with stand up liner and heater!... Softside Water Mattress.....needs no liner or heater!... Airframe Water Mattress.....needs heater!... Air Mattresses.....needs no liner or heater!...
Mountain Floral
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Price $1,499.00